I begin each piece by creating a collage background of book pages from various sources. I like late nineteenth century and early twentieth century books for their beautiful intricate engravings, drawings and the golden brown paper. I use more modern sources also including: botanical drawings, mechanical drawings, maps, mathematical/geometric drawings, architectural drawings, medical/anatomical illustrations, non english texts, illustrations of ancient cave drawings and other archaeological sites, etc.

Over the collage I paint with acrylic paint, oil sticks, and sometimes water color.  I allow the painting to develop organically. I like to allow the paint to drip and puddle so that the form is truly organic. The pieces usually take on a kind of watery garden, cloud forest, misty luminous surreal dreamscape/landscape quality.


New wooden panelsnew wooden panels


Pasting book pagesPasting book pages


Pages all pastedPages all passted


Cutting it out
Cutting out


Collage all pastedCollaged, not yet painted


PaintingPainting branches


A layer of varnish

A layer of varnish


Some close upsClose 4

Close 3

Close 2

Close 1


Dripping and brushing gold

Dripping Gold 1

Dripping Gold 2


More varnish



More goldDripping Gold 3Dripping Gold 4


More Varnish

More Varnish 2